Our vision is to be the leader in providing value-added and professional business management services and solutions to all business enterprises, thereby facilitating business growth, development, economic development, job creation and wealth generation opportunities for all our clients.


Our mission is to provide professional business support services to our clients so that capital, skills and resources are utilized to the maximum for the benefit and growth of our clients and their businesses.


Our goal is to be one of the most credible, respected and acclaimed business and financial service provider to all emerging and existing businesses so that their needs are met at the most affordable prices.


The pillars that support our fundamental business principles are enshrined and sustained through the following core business values:

  • Integrity and respect for our clients: We promote honesty, integrity, respect and human dignity in all our dealings with clients and maintain strictest confidentiality to protect privileged communication and customer rights.
  • Superior customer service; our clients are our most valued resources and hence we strive in all our dealings to promote customer excellence, exceptional quality service and the concept of ‘best-practices’.
  • Team Work: We enhance team work and collaborative consultation by interfacing with the best resources within our Group so that our customers are guaranteed the cumulative skills, resources and capabilities offered by our Team Group.
  • Partnership & Strategic Alliances: Our customers are considered our partners in our business pursuit. We engage with the best strategic partners in our service delivery.
  • Entrepreneurial development: We are committed to promote the concept of entrepreneurial and business development for all our customers.

Our Core Business Activities & Focus

The core principal functions of our business include inter-alia the following:-

  1. The Team Tax Corporate Holding Company.
  2. Accounting, Taxation & Auditing.
  3. Business Consulting, SMME & Enterprise Development & Empowerment Consulting, including Project Management.
  4. Financial Planning & Insurance/Assurance.
  5. Debtor & Creditor Management & Collections.
  6. Business Solutions & Advice.
  7. Commodity Brokerage & Supply of Paper Products.