The Team Tax Corporate Holding Company : CEO

Our tax specialist is also a generalist financial management expert with 32 years corporate experience. He is a visionary leader who established the company after he realized that the SMME and emerging markets needed customized personal services at affordable and competitive rates. He brings with him a wealth of specialist experience and previously worked as a senior partner for a large corporate firm of Chartered Accountants and Auditors. He is also director of fourteen subsidiary black economic empowerment companies that form part of the Team Tax Corporate Holding Company. Each of these companies were established as joint partnerships with emerging entrepreneurs in the various fields of enterprise development in line with the government’s priorities at job creation and entrepreneurial development.

Accounting Division:

The Accounting Division is headed by a graduate with 15 years of solid business and financial management experience. He has 10 staff members reporting to him and his division specializes in the following services:-

  • All financial management; accounting; debtor management; creditor management; compilation of annual financial statements; management accounts; company registrations; financial planning and financial advisory services and Tenders.
  • Auditing.
  • Assisting clients to comply with all the statutory requirements for companies, sole-proprietorships and other legal business entities.
  • Compilation of Cash-Flow projections; Income Statements and Balance Sheets.
  • Conducting feasibility studies; financial risk analysis and determination of gearing ratios; break-even analysis and profitability ratios to assist business owners to maximize R.O.I (return-on- investment).
  • All financial management and planning services.
  • B.E.E. registration.
  • Management and registration of Cooperatives.
  • Rent Collection.
  • Applications for Finance.

Taxation Division:

The Taxation Division is headed by graduate and tax specialist par excellence. She has a solid track record in this area of work with fifteen years of specialist experience in all aspects of company taxation. Her Division which comprises 15 professionally trained staff offers the following services which include inter-alia the following:-

  • Company taxation, calculation and submission of tax returns.
  • Identification and solving of all tax related problems for the emerging businesses.
  • Registration of Vat, PAYE, SDL; Workmen’s Compensation; etc.
  • Advising clients on all matters relating to statutory requirements relating to taxation.
  • Professional advice on all fiscal matters and matters relating to Forex and foreign exchange.
  • Negotiating with the South African Revenue Services on behalf of client needs and problems.
  • Solving all tax related problems.

Business Consulting, Project Management & Empowerment Consulting Division

The Business Consulting & Empowerment Division offers the following services which include inter-alia:-

  • Marketing Plans and Product Launches.
  • Events Management & Coordination.
  • Compilation of Business Plans, Government Tenders and Expression of Interest Documents.
  • Formation of Joint Ventures, Partnerships and Strategic Alliances.
  • Compiling MOA (Memorandum of Agreements) and other company legal documents.
  • Registration of Cooperatives.
  • Representing clients at CCMA Arbitrations.
  • Labour Relations Consulting.
  • Business Re-engineering Process Consulting.
  • Designing Executive Presentations and report writing.
  • Designing & presenting a full range of Training & Development Courses.
  • Offers a total and comprehensive Business Solutions Service.
  • Operations Management Consulting; Process Designing & E-procurement.
  • Advisory services – Supply-Chain-Management & Logistics Planning.
  • DTI Incentives, including government incentives on Exporting & Importing.
  • Advice on International Business Opportunities and expansion projects.
  • Project Management
  • Local Government Change Management & Diversity Management Training including training of Councilors and Ward Members.
  • Conducting Feasibility Studies & Risk analysis.
  • Advise on Quality Management Systems & Processes, including Safety, Health and Environment.
  • ISO 9002 and SABS Registration.
  • Lease Agreements – Residential & Commercial.
  • Human Resources Management Consulting including Recruitment & Selection.
  • Negotiating on behalf of clients.
  • Dispute resolution.
  • Advice on disciplinary and grievance matters.
  • Employment Contracts.
  • Designing performance management systems.
  • Consumer Research.
  • Enterprise Development & formation of Public Policy Policies.
  • Organizational Development Projects.
  • NGO and CBO Support.
  • Formation of Bargaining Councils.
  • Franchise Agreements and advice on Franchising.
  • Strategic Planning & Facilitation.
  • Business Planning Facilitation & Service.
  • Applications for Finance & Government Incentives.
  • Any Ad Hoc projects or business advice.

Long-term Financial Planning Division:

This Division is headed by a highly experienced, licensed and registered financial planning consultant. He has two staff experienced staff members reporting to him and the following range of services provided by this Division which forms part of the Team Tax Corporate Holding company:-

  • Life cover.
  • Retirement Annuity.
  • Investments planning advise.
  • Education Planning.
  • Lump-sum investments
  • Unit Trusts.
  • Key-man Policies.
  • Wills/Trusts/Estates
  • Real estate

Short-term Insurance Division:

The Short-term insurance division is headed by  a highly experience person who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field. She is well connected and is a seasoned broker who has the capacity to advise clients on the best range of services and products, designed to suit client needs. The following services are offered by this division of the Team Tax Corporate Group:-

  • Domestic Insurance.
  • Motor-Vehicle Insurance.
  • Public Liability.
  • Business Liability Cover.
  • Insurance of buildings and contents.

It must be noted that the comprehensive range of services provided by each Division of The Team Tax Corporate Group can be suited and customized to meet specific client needs.

Governance & Leadership of Team Tax Accounting CC

The management of The Team Tax Group uses as its framework for the leadership and governance of the company, the following seven principles of governance:-

a).  Discipline: Corporate discipline is key dimension used  by the company’s senior management to get all staff to adhere to behaviour that is universally recognized and accepted to be correct and proper. This encompasses the company’s awareness of, and commitment to, the underlying principles of good governance, particularly at senior management level and at all other operational levels.

Transparency: The Company promotes full transparency is the case to enable all its stakeholders to make meaningful analysis of the company’s actions, its economic fundamentals and the financial aspects pertinent to the business.

Independence: The Team Tax Group encourages independence as a mechanism have been to minimize or avoid potential conflicts of interest that may inadvertently exist within its respective stakeholders, suppliers and users of service. The composition of the board, appointments to working committees of the board is done in a fair and equitable manner.

Accountability: The Company promotes and endorses the concept of full accountability at all levels.

Responsibility: While the Board of Management is accountable to the company, it acts responsively to, and with responsibility towards all stakeholders of the company.

Fairness:  The rights of various groups having a vested interest in The Team Tax Group are acknowledged and respected.

Social Responsibility: The Team Tax Group is a well-managed company and aware of, and responsive to social issues, placing a high priority on ethical standards. The company has an excellent Social Responsibility Programme and track record.

Hence the leadership and management style of The Team Tax Group embraces the following principles congruent with adherence to corporate governance:-

  • Management and leadership for efficiency to compete effectively in the economy, and thereby creating jobs.
  • Management and leadership for probity because The Team Tax Group require confidence and assurance that the management of the company will behave honestly and with integrity in regard to their shareowners and others.
  • Management and leadership with responsibility as the company is increasingly called upon to address legitimate social concerns relating to its activities.
  • Management and leadership that are both transparent and accountable so that the company can be trusted in all aspects f its operations.

Infrastructure Support & Resources:

The Team Tax Corporate Group has excellent infrastructure, resources and capabilities to provide clients with a full and integrated range of professional services at the most affordable and competitive rates.

The Team Tax Corporate Group offices are located in the following areas:-